Chapter 58: Day Job

Recently I’ve been thinking that I really need to start looking for a day job that will allow me to stay home. Not because I’m lazy. No sir – I can be plenty lazy at my job now. Half of the time I’m in the office there is nothing to do besides to clean up other people’s paper piles and to answer emails. On rare occasions I may get a phone call from a server who needs directions or is calling in sick.

Jabba's resume is probably more impressive than mine.

The main reason I want to find a job that allows me to stay home is so I can work on my writing more readily. I never really considered why so many writers via the forums at had freelance writing day jobs. I thought initially that the prospect of freelance writing was more trouble than it was worth, really. Instead of having steady work you’d have to constantly be throwing out offers and queries and all of those things that most writers really hate.

But as I’ve been thinking about it lately, it doesn’t seem so bad. I’d love to land a gig as a content writer, ghost writer, article writer… whatever. So long as I’m making enough money to pay the bills, I’ll be happy.

I’ve already started going to the gym so I won’t become Jabba the Hutt. Now I just have to find the stay-at-home writing job that isn’t a complete scam. Damn you internet and your scams! I’m not stupid, but even I have trouble telling real jobs apart from fake ones. Especially when even fake jobs are listed on once reputable websites like Monster. Arg.

Well, if anyone has any ideas, feel free to tell me.

Cheers and Good Writing,
Cara Spinosa


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